The Bear is one of the main character of Masha and the Bear.

He's a big bellied and bighearted lovable guy. He cherishes peace and quiet but his world is turned upside down when Masha enters the picture.

He keeps bees, takes great care of his garden and even can work as a carpenter - to sum it up, he's a jack of all trades. In addition, he used to perform in circus. His various trophies, circus billboards and newspaper articles in his house tell the story of his time in circus but he regularly has to hide his prized possessions from Masha.

He's fond of eating, drinking tea and sleeping. He keeps his home clean and in order and doesn't take kindly to various pests that end up in his house because of Masha. Sudden changes and wild adventures can easily stress him out but with Masha he begins to learn to live a more extreme life. All in all, Masha becomes the only creature that can drive him to madness with her antiques.

But to his surprise he soon discovers that he misses her whenever she's absent and soon he begins to look forward to whatever Masha decides to do next.

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